Worst Things To Consume Before A Workout

Wrong choices and wrong timings can cost more than we might think. You must have read about the things you should eat or drink before working out but must have never read about the things you should not. But it is necessary to know about the foods that you should avoid before a workout for better results without any health issues or hindrances. A proper and healthy diet is a must with a full swing work out to get the desired results. Utopia Life Coach has come up with some foods that you should avoid before a workout.

Fiber-filled Foods:

Vegetable sprouts, broccoli or cauliflower, are high fiber-filled foods that are needed for your body but not just before a workout. These vegetables are high in raffinose which is hard to digest and can trigger abdominal bloating and excessive gas.

Fizzy Drinks:

It is not a good choice for hydration. In fact, It is both a poor and the worst choice if you are grabbing a fizzy drink just before a workout as it is high in sugar content and carbonate which will make you feel bloated and cause stomach cramps and nausea.

Spicy Foods:

Spicy foods may be good for your taste buds but may not be good for you if you eat them just before your workout. It may stimulate the digestive system and may cause heartburn. It can even increase your cramps. It will not only leave you in pain but will also make you abandon your workout.

Fast foods:

Skipping it before a workout will be the best idea as it contains high fat and it will make you feel uncomfortable and tired even before you start your workout.

A piece of advice, it is necessary to keep a check on your diet and to avoid certain foods but it is not even recommended to start a workout being hungry as your body needs nutrients to function.

These are some of the worst things to eat or drink before a workout.

For any fitness or diet advice contact a diet or a fitness coach.


Fitness Coach & Trainer

1. Suraj Prasad - Fitness Coach & Trainer - Utopia Life Coach in Siliguri, West Bengal, India.


Nutritionist & Diet Coach

1. Anita Sahu - Nutritionist & Diet Coach - Utopia Life Coach & DP's Cuisine Restaurant in Siliguri, West Bengal, India.


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