Why Should We Forgive?

Forgiveness is the first step towards healing yet known that it is hard to forgive especially to those who were not even sorry for their actions. But holding onto something that can only give you immense pain, is it worth holding?

If you are holding on to bad past experiences and people’s actions and words like those from relatives whose intoxicated words lowered your self-esteem, that bunch of acquaintances whose bullying made you have inferior complex, those who commented on the things you didn’t have control over, those who filled you with insecurities, who ruined your childhood, who was the reason behind why you couldn’t sleep, why you couldn’t accept yourself, those who cheated on you, who played with your feelings, who betrayed you; the only thing to say is to let it go, forgive them.

If you are still thinking about all your bad past experiences, toxic people, their behaviors, words, actions, it is only going to cause you more and more pain, if you hold onto grudges, it is going to stop you from moving forward, if you think of revenege this negative thought is going to harm your inner peace more than it can harm anyone, so the only way to protect your inner peace is by forgiving them, forgiving those whose words and actions hurt you, who betrayed you, who cheated on you, those whose intentions were malign but forgiveness doesn’t mean accepting their behavior or forgetting their actions, it doesn’t mean letting them enter your life and repeat the same thing but forgiveness means leaving that heavy baggage, letting go resentment or grudges, wishing them to get well soon and heal from whatever they are going through, whatever was the reason behind their action, behavior, forgive them so that you can live your life being healed.

The word let go implies forgiving everyone who hurts you, forgiving yourself for letting their actions cause you so much damage. And only by forgiving, by letting go, you can step towards the process of healing.

Don’t let others control you even after their actions have hurt you, when you don’t leave or don’t let go of that invisible sharp blade that caused you so much pain and suffering, it is going to make your wounds intense.

If you want peace and happiness, forgive everyone who has hurt you. Forgive yourself too and you can do it only by forgiving everyone and this is essential for your mental peace.

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