Why Do We Need To Heal So That We Don’t Hurt Others?

It is said that a wounded lion is the most dangerous and it is the same with humans. Unseen wounds, unhealed wounds, when a person lives with unhealed wounds they either suppress their true self or end up hurting themselves or others. Their actions can be either intentional or unintentional but their behaviors and actions cause pain to others or to themselves in many ways.

Did you hear someone taunting you, commenting on you, using hurtful words, harsh words with the intention to hurt others?

A person who grew up with inadequate love and attention looks for love when grown-up. People’s behavior in adulthood is a reflection of what went missing in their childhood. If a person only criticizes others, taunts or expresses words to hurt people, discriminate or suppress people with less power, either they lack education about humanity or they are hurting inside, there is an unhealed wound that makes them deal with their own wounds by hurting others because of their actions.

A healed person has love, compassion, kindness, and peace. And when a person has these qualities they can hardly hurt or think of hurting others by their words or actions.

Heal now so that your children don’t have to deal with it later.

If you don’t heal from your wounds now, these suppressed wounds will come out in more harmful ways later in life and these unhealed wounds will cause others to bleed. Your partner may have to suffer because of this or your own kids. So it is important to treat it, heal it before it leads others to suffer.

If you are healed you will understand more and judge less, you will have compassion for others and you can’t think about hurting them in any way, if there is peace, you will bring only peace to others.