Why Do People Get Sad For No Reason?

Are you feeling sad for no reason?

Sadness is a part of life and is a temporary state that usually has a clear cause and this type of sadness can fluctuate throughout the day. It may happen that at certain moments the emotional burden might feel very heavy compelling you to cry, or you may often feel numb, drained, and struggle to focus or concentrate. At times you may get lost in something you enjoy or when someone distracts you, your sorrow seems light enough that no more you feel its weight. Or it might stay with you for some days and pass away with the passage of time.

Whereas persistent sadness can wrap you like a heavy blanket, taking away the joy of everyday life. It can leave you feeling very low, defeated, and empty. Since you are unaware of the cause or the reason behind it, you may not even have an idea how to start feeling better or how to deal with it.

Sadness is normal and it is the human response to loss or disappointment, however, if sadness doesn't have a clear reason behind it and if it doesn't improve or pass with time, it may be a sign that something else is going on and you need to take help.

Is it depression?

If it is, it will have several other signs along with sadness.

Click here to know about the symptoms of depressions.

Rapid mood shifts:

Other mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, people living with bipolar disorder often experience episodes of depression as part of a cycle that may even include hypomania or mania. Feeling suddenly happy, even euphoric. Some other abrupt changes like impulsive behavior, an increase in self-esteem or confidence, feeling of restlessness and irritability, need for sleep, or lack of sleep. These episodes might last for more than a week.

People with bipolar disorder may have mixed features like experiencing sadness and other symptoms of depression. This combination of sadness can even make it harder for you to understand what you are experiencing resulting in more distress.

Seasonal sadness:

Some people experience seasonal sadness like suddenly it arrives or intensifies around the same time of the year especially when the days begin to shorten and once sunny and longer days of spring arrive, you feel better. It is pretty common to feel a little down during winter or autumn as the night gets long and cold and there may be days when you are not able to see the sunshine. If it is seasonal sadness and it persists for long and becomes serious to interfere with your daily life you may have a seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a disorder that occurs along with seasonal changes.

Feeling sad for no reason and it continuing for a long doesn't always mean depression but it may happen that you are experiencing something more complex than just sadness. And if it continues, talking to a therapist or psychologist can have a lot of benefits.

Remember being sad is normal, it is human emotion, don’t forget to be gentle and kind to yourself, nothing lasts forever, and even this feeling won’t.

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