What Is Trypanophobia?

With the covid vaccination drive going all around, there is a serious concern for people not getting vaccinated due to the fear known as trypanophobia. This is for some people who haven’t yet vaccinated due to trypanophobiaTrypanophobia, what is Trypanophobia?

Trypanophobia is an extreme fear of medical procedures including needles or injections. This fear can stop a person from seeking medical care, which is a matter of concern and needs immediate attention. Utopia Life Coach is here to explain to you some of the symptoms of trypanophobia and how can you deal with it better.

Symptoms of Trypanophobia are:

Common symptoms may include dizziness, fainting, anxiety, high blood pressure, racing heart rate, insomnia.

You may have an excessive fear or concern about needles.

Whenever you see a needle or have to inject it, IT may consistently provoke excessive fear responses.

You try to avoid situations involving needles or endured with a lot of distress.

Persistent fear for six months or more.

The fear is so much that it causes distress or impairment.

How can you treat it?

The specific treatment for phobias is psychotherapy but medication may be prescribed by a doctor to help people cope up with the situation better.


It is often recommended for treating phobias including trypanophobia. This exposure therapy may help one to gradually learn to take the needles and cope up with them. Systematic desensitization is a technique where the goal is to gradually expose one to the needle in a safe, controlled setting and then help you to handle it slowly.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is also effective in treating trypanophobia.


Sometimes medication may be prescribed to help in decreasing anxiety.

Fear holds us back and we cannot let that happen. Medical care is a requirement and we should not let fear cost us our well-being. Utopia life coach is ready to help you to overcome this fear. For any help or advice from our psychologist contact us at www.steffiprasad.com

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