What Can Lead To Borderline Personality Disorder?

A borderline personality disorder is a personality disorder that is marked by unstable emotions, behavior, and impulsivity. It affects the way a person thinks or feels. They may have self-image issues, or unstable relationships.

A lot of questions has been raised regarding the cause of this complicated, clinical condition known as a borderline personality disorder.

There is no single reason for borderline personality disorder and it can be caused by a combination of factors. A biological vulnerability and coming from an invalidating environment. It depends on person to person as there is no specific reason for it.

It is unclear as to what biological vulnerability states, like is it genetics or is it neurotransmitters issues but it can be stated that something biological about that persona has resulted in them being hyper-reactive. They overreact with emotions be it sadness, anger. When talked about the environment, it can be an environment where people are abusive, downright hostile, critical in a chronic way. These factors can cause one to overreact to situations. But it is not the only case as not everyone coming from an invalidating environment develops BPD or who has that biological vulnerability develops BPD. It is stated that the combination of both can increase the probability. But it depends on the individual overall.

With all mental illness the early we intervene the better the work can be done. The early we can identify the soft signs, the better we may be able to help or work with people to give them better coping up skills particularly around managing emotions.

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