Ways To Keep Your Body Hydrated

Water is a basic necessity of life and an important element of survival. An adult may survive for weeks without food but without water surviving for more than 10 days may not be possible. It is said your blood is 84 percent water, your brain is 76 percent water and your bones are 25 percent water. Water is essential for basic human functions like protecting the brain, spine, and tissues, maintaining temperature, detoxing the body, and maintaining temperature.

Dehydration has many drawbacks, even mild dehydration can sabotage your productivity, health, mind, and emotions.

According to the CDC, dehydration can cause physical symptoms like kidney stones, constipation, and overheating, as well as mental symptoms like brain fog and mood swings.

Severe signs of dehydration are:


Dry mouth

Lack of urination or dark yellow urines


Some subtle symptoms of dehydration you may not be aware of are:

Bad breath

Dizziness and fainting

Dry skin

Food cravings




Muscle cramps

The glasses of water per day as recommended by experts generally differ by age, body weight, and gender. However, it is recommended that adults should drink eight-ounce glasses of water per day. And if you are not drinking this much water, here are some ways to keep yourself hydrated.

Go for electrolytes:

If you want quick hydration to reach out for an oral hydration solution, it is a way to be hydrated fast. It is a mixture containing electrolytes like potassium and sodium. Salt plays a vital role in regulating the water content of your cells and even potassium. Electrolytes like chloride and magnesium are also essential and when you lose water you even lose these electrolytes and replenishing them is the best way to hydrate your body.

Diet rich in water:

After electrolytes, when you are hydrated your body alleviates your immediate dehydration symptoms and now you can opt for a diet that will keep you hydrated over the long term. Go for a diet that consists of 70 percent water, such as:

Spinach (92% water)

Broccoli (92% water)

Tomatoes (93% water)

Cucumber (94% water)

Lettuce (96% water)

Go for fluids:

Start your day with a glass of water and don't stay more than 20-25 minutes without taking a sip of water. Other than water, coconut water provides electrolytes, green juices are rich in vitamins and minerals along with hydration, and celery juice has anti-inflammatory properties. This is what to drink to get hydrated fast.

These are the tips to stay hydrated. Hydration with a balanced diet, self-care, and exercise are ways to a healthy lifestyle.

For more healthy advice contact a life coach or a nutritionist.