Types Of Parenting Style

Being a parent is considered one of the most beautiful feelings in this world. When a kid holds your hand, you wish to put this world be in their palm. You wish to make them feel the luckiest. The majority of the parents feel blessed to have kids. The way they feel blessed holding them, they want their kids to feel the same. But the question arises “How?” When you become a parent you may take advice, go through some references as to how to raise your kids in the best way. If you do so, we are proud to see your concern. Why would we say that? As we feel parenting is something that needs to be learned. Parents have the biggest responsibilities in this society.

There are different styles of parenting and studies have stated four parenting styles.

They are:

Authoritarian or Disciplinarian parenting style:

It is known as a strict and cold parenting style. In this style, strict discipline is maintained and punishment is common. Children can hardly communicate and keep their points in front of their parents which means it is one way of communication. Less nurturing from parents end with high expectations from their children with limited flexibility. Here, parents believe that kids should be seen but not heard. And their feelings are not taken into consideration.

A famous line used by authoritarian parents is, “Because I said so” that too without any explanation when asked for the reason behind the rule.

This kind of parenting can make a kid aggressive or hostile. Kids growing up in an authoritarian style may become good liars, just to avoid punishment they may start lying.

Permissive or Indulgent parenting style:

It is the opposite of the Disciplinarian parenting style. The children here are allowed to do what they love with limited guidance. They are allowed to figure out the solution to their problems on their own. Parents are warm and nurturing. It’s fewer or no expectations set by parents. And they hardly interfere except in serious situations. Kids in this environment are at higher risk of health problems like obesity because parents struggle to limit their intake of junk foods. Lack of discipline may even raise dental cavities since parents often don't enforce good habits like ensuring brushing of teeth.

This often leads to having low self-esteem and a lot of sadness leading to behavioral problems.

Uninvolved parenting style:

In this style, kids are given too much freedom. Parents are not interested in parenting or are not sure as to what to do. It lacks complete discipline and kids are allowed to do anything and everything. There are limited communication and fewer expectations. In this parenting style, a child may not receive much guidance, parental attention, and nurturing. Children are expected to raise themselves. This can be found in parents with mental issues or substance abuse parents, Not always intentional but this factor can influence. The other reason can be the lack of knowledge about child’s development; maybe because they are overwhelmed with problems or they are too busy. Kids grown in this style can lack self-esteem and may even involve in some kind of addiction or may opt for the wrong path. They may have behavioral problems with a low ranking in many sectors including happiness and school performance.

Authoritative Parenting Style:

Known as strict and warm parenting style. In this style, parents are reasonable and nurturing. They set high and clear expectations. This style is known as one of the most beneficial styles of parenting for children as they happen to be self-disciplined and think of their own growth. Rules for disciplines are clear and even the reason behind them are explained. Two-way communication and is frequent and is appropriate that a child can understand. Expectations are high but they are stated clearly and even children may have input into goals.

Here, an effort is made to create and maintain a positive relationship with their children. Rules are enforced but even a child’s feelings are taken into consideration while even making clear that adults are ultimately in charge of their healthy development. Parents invest adequate time and energy in preventing behavioral problems before it starts. Use of positive discipline strategy is common like praising and rewarding for good behavior.

Kids grown in this style happens to grow as responsible adults who also feel comfortable expressing their opinions. Being raised in this style children tend to become happy and successful when they grow up.

Your parenting style can differ but what is advised is that kids should be grown by helping them understand the human value and the meaning of humanity that a person should possess. Help them develop self-confidence, self-esteem. And let them understand their self-worth so when they grow up they can understand themselves along with understanding other humans. How you raise them is what makes them, it is either make, or break. Help them to make this world a better place. To take advice and help on parenting you can contact us by visiting our website www.steffiprasad.com

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