Types Of Borderline Personality Disorder

A borderline personality disorder is a mental disorder that is characterized by unstable moods, relationships, and behaviors. Some symptoms of borderline personality may include impulsivity, emotional instability, feeling of worthlessness. Borderline personality is very heterogeneous and this may confuse one with their experience and what they read about a particular type. A borderline personality disorder is mixed up in a way that we used this umbrella term but there are some subtypes of borderline personality disorder. The four sub-types of borderline personality disorder are:

High-functioning internalizing (Quit Borderline):

It can be termed as the purest type of borderline personality disorder. In this, we see a tremendous amount of despair And fragility. It can be the result of a trauma, a traumatic or a painful life experience. A person here rages themselves. They might even have suicidal thoughts like the world will be better off without them and in most cases, people who have this type of disorder have high functioning jobs. They even have a high chance of anxiety and depression and this makes it difficult for one to understand it as a quite borderline disorder that may go unnoticed. Even a small error or stress can make them rage on themselves quietly instead of bursting it out or yelling at others. They are quick to take out the rage on themselves and it can be in the form of self-harm, maybe by starving themselves. It is a very self-destructive disorder.

Histrionic or petulant:

A person here may use their physical appearance or may act inappropriately provocative ways to seek attention. It is a very attention-seeking, acting-out type of pattern. Here a person may behave in a seductive way to gain attention from others. They can be seen as manipulative and victimized. They continually demand to be the center of attention and if they fail to get it, they may often become depressed.

Depressive internalizing/Self-destructive:

It is characterized by extreme mood swings, erratic changes in behavior or self-image, or impulsivity. A person may have low self-esteem, may feel lonely, may self-harm, may feel depressed, or may feel misunderstood. There is a high risk of self-harm especially in the phase of abandonment or similar triggering crisis.

Angry externalizing impulsive borderline personality:

There is a lot of dysregulated rage that comes out very quickly. It can be uncontrollable and very unsettling for people around them. It is often triggered by abandonment or significant disappointment or major distress. Instead of turning their rage inwards, they turn it outwards, like yelling at others, throwing things, or blaming others. It is very externalized like targeting other things and people in the environment. And an impulsive behavior can be seen as very dangerous at times. People with the angry externalizing impulsive borderline disorder may literally feel out of control, they don’t know what to do with their emotions, and are absolutely overwhelmed.

These are the four sub-types of borderline personality disorder, if you can relate to it or if any of your close ones need help contact a psychologist.

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