Top 5 Beginners Workout Mistakes

It is common for beginners to make small mistakes since it is a learning process and this is how we grow. But if we fail to identify these mistakes and don’t work on them, these small mistakes can stop you from growing or can cost you a lot. To achieve your goals what is important is to figure out those mistakes and to work on them and make sure you don’t repeat them while working out. Utopia Life Coach has come up with some beginner workout mistakes that you should avoid if you want to achieve your goal.

Ignoring full range of motion:

In the gym, people make some mistakes like they perform half-range of motion. Be it a dumbbell press for shoulder or dumbbell curl, youngsters or beginners take up such a heavyweight that they are unable to do a full range of motions and this is a mistake that you should avoid. Do the full range of motion that is needed while performing an exercise to achieve the desired results. There are a lot of benefits of doing a full range of motions. They help your muscles to develop properly, make joints stronger, your joints will get stronger, and even prevent injuries.

No Gripping strength:

Be it dumbbell exercise or hanging, the most important thing here is the grip, the stronger your grip, the more repetitions you will be able to perform. Try doing small activities, a small activity that will help you to strengthen your grip. Don’t let your coach or trainer get the dumbbells or rods for you, try getting it yourself and putting it back after the exercise by yourself. These small activities can make a big difference by helping you to strengthen your grip.

Using a weight you can’t command:

Even known as ego lifting. While lifting a weight, make sure you lift a weight that you can control so that it connects to your muscle and benefits you. It is not the weight that controls you and makes you unable to perform your exercise properly. This uncontrollable weight will not only cause you injuries but will not be beneficial as well. Take a weight that will help you to work out properly, be it less weight but this will contract and expand your muscles in the most appropriate way as you have control over it and it will be beneficial.

Lack of focus or lazy training:

You may have different goals, like some may join the gym to gain weight, some may join to lose weight, or to strengthen your muscles, your goals may differ but what is important is to achieve it. So whenever you are training for a purpose how can you be lazy. Be it for the minimum duration but while doing your workout your focus should be on it. It is only with a proper focus that you can achieve your desired goals.

Avoiding big lifts:

Initially, most beginners don’t have a lot of strength so they find a comfort zone for themselves and they focus or train their biceps, triceps a lot, ignoring other parts of the body.

Deadlift, bench press, and squat should not be missed from your workout. At least perform them once a week because it will help you develop your overall strength. And don’t forget to check on your posture while doing these big lifts, your poster should be correct and your weight selection should be better. Choose wisely while performing it so that you don’t face any injury.

These are some of the small gym mistakes that you should avoid if you want better results. To know more on gyming tips contact fitness coach.


Fitness Coach & Trainer

1. Suraj Prasad - Fitness Coach & Trainer - Utopia Life Coach in Siliguri, West Bengal, India.