The Best Six Pack Abs Exercises For Beginners

Six pack is a dream for many and something that is hard to achieve and the toughest of all is to maintain it. We are laying down some exercises for your abs that you can do it anywhere. All you need is the floor and the zeal to do it. Utopia Life Coach has come up with some of the best exercises for your abs.


It is one of teh best exercises for your core muscles. For this exercise, you need to face down with your toes and forearms on the floor, hold your body parallelly taking the support of your elbow and toes. This is very good exercise for people who complain of having back pain. This exercise will make your overall posture better. And you don’t have to hold your breath while doing this exercise, you can breathe in and out as you do naturally.

High Knee Crunches:

For this exercise lay down on the floor, keep your hands on the back of your head, raise your legs a bit, and keep it on hold. And now, squeeze your abs and make sure you don’t touch the ground after doing the crunch. While doing the crunch, breath out.

Flutter kicks:

For this exercise lay down on the ground, raise your body a bit and now, keep moving both your legs one by one in the form like you are walking. Keep your midsection tight and keep breathing in a natural way while doing this exercise. You are recommended to do this exercise slowly.

Seated V Ups:

If you do it properly, it is one of the best exercises for your midsection. For this exercise, you need to keep both your hands in the back. You need to bend your upper body, joint both your legs and your toe should be pointed outwards. Now, you need to bring your knees close to your chest. Whenever your knees come closer to your chest you need to squeeze your abs muscles and breath out. And even while releasing it make sure to take away your knees from your chest as far as you can. The movement of both your upper body and your legs should be similar. While leaving your knees it should go far and while pulling it back your chest and knees should come closer.

Russian twist:

Lay down on the ground, raise your legs and hold it. You need to raise your upper body as well and now, you have to twist your body. Twist it left and right. Squeeze your oblique muscles and breath out while doing this exercise.

Leg raises:

For this exercise lay down on the floor, make sure that both your hands are below your hips. Keeps your knees straight and your toe should be pointed outwards. While performing this exercise your hip should touch the floor and during the whole exercise period, your midsection should be tight. Release your leg slowly but it should not touch the floor. Now, pull it above and continue it by breathing in and out while performing it.