Live Life To The Fullest

What are Utopians trying to say by this line?

Nothing can be stagnant or permanent. Life is an event and we are the participants. The more you participate the better you enjoy the event. You get different dreams, get to feel different emotions but what matters is how you take part in each of them. It is an event and the winner is the one who is living life to the fullest, who is participating irrespective of where they are right now. No matter whether sadness is striking them or stress is takgching over or if sickness is touching them or boredom. Aren’t these meant to take place and we have to experience all kinds of emotions, situations? As humans, we need to feel the emotions at that moment. So shed tears when the situation demands, and burst into laughter when you create the situation.

The happiest being is the one who has learned to live in the moment. You don’t have to wait for “one day” or some “special day” to enjoy or be happy, because that one day is not assured nor promised; tomorrow is unpredictable. How long will you wait to be happy when happiness can be created at this moment, at the same place you are now?

No one should wait to be happy, instead just be happy. Whenever possible just make it the best day of your life and then you will realize how many best days you have spent and how many more days you could have lived being happy if you didn’t wait too long or waited for that one special day. Collect memories, live life as you have never lived before, laugh till your jaw starts hurting, walk till you get tired. Feel every moment and event and you will start finding joy and happiness in every moment. Life will not only be beautiful but will be peaceful, and will be filled with happiness.

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