INTJ Personality: Strength, Weakness, Characteristics

An architect is someone with introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging traits. They are logical systematic thinkers. They are full of contradictions. For example; imaginative yet decisive, curious yet focused, and ambitious yet private. And this contradiction makes perfect sense when you can understand the inner workings of the INTJs mind. These people are very knowledgeable. They are known as perfectionists who over-analyses and question everything around them. They love to come up with novel solutions for complex questions.

Strengths of INTJ:

Analytical and rational:

INTJ personality types pride themselves on their minds. Any situation for INTJ can become an opportunity to learn, expand their knowledge and sharpen their rational thinking skills. So even when some difficult problem comes up, thanks to their sharp mind, they can devise inventive solutions for those situations.

Determined and ambitious:

INTJ types are ambitious and goal-oriented. They are dedicated to whatever they do, be it an idea or pursuit, if anything captures their imagination, they are going to dedicate themselves in mastering the topic and gaining proper skills. They have a clear vision of what success means to them and are ready to work for it.


Architects prefer doing things their own way. They are creative and self-motivated and will hardly allow anything to stand in their way of success. They can work better when they are allowed to do things on their own without any restrictions.

Eager to know:

Architects are curious and are keen to know new information, they are open to new ideas as long as these ideas and information are rational and evidence-based. They are skeptical by nature and rely on facts that are evidence-based. If facts prove their opinions wrong, they are likely to change even that.

Talented and versatile:

INTJ types love trying out their hands in all sorts of challenges. They are very curious and this curiosity and determination can help INTJ types to succeed in a wide range of endeavors.

Knowledgeable and well informed:

They are known for their knowledge, rationality and evidence-based opinions. They are well informed and knowledgeable. Their conclusion is based on research and analysis rather than half-baked assumptions. This well-informed quality gives them self-assurance that they need to stand up for their ideas no matter what.

Weakness Of INTJ:

Egoistic and arrogant:

INTJ types are very knowledgeable but not flawless. They can become very arrogant at times and their self-assurance can make them blind to useful input from other people. When it comes to taking ideas and opinions, they can put that aside especially when coming from someone they think to be intellectually inferior. They can even become needlessly harsh when trying to prove others wrong or put their points forward.

Dismissive of emotions:

People with this personality give more priority to rationality than emotions. They hardly care to admit that even emotional context matters. They can be very impatient when someone tries to value feeling over facts. They are known for ignoring emotions.

Overly critical:

People with this personality tend to have a great deal of self-control over their thoughts and emotions. If people fail to match their level of restraining they can become very critical. And this criticism is not always fair as it is purely based on arbitrary standards, facts, logic rather than a full understanding of human nature.


Asking INTJ to follow rules and regulations without making them understand the reason behind it can be very difficult as they hardly agree to follow anything blindly. This includes restrictions, rules, and regulations. They always want to know the answer to ‘why’ behind any rules and this can get them in arguing often about rules and regulations.

Unromantic or romantically insensible:

INTJ types can be frustrated by romance and it can be due to their rationality approach to everything. Especially when it comes to an early stage of a relationship, they may find it difficult and may even struggle to understand how to behave or what to do. If their relationship fails or doesn't work, they can become cynical and may even question the relevance of love, relationship, or connections.

Characteristics Of INTJ:

INTJ types are one of the rarest personality types. They are known as Architects or strategists. Architects prioritize rationality and success over pleasantries and politeness. They prefer to be right than popular. They are highly analytical, logical, and creative. They can be both the boldest of dreamers and the bitterest of pessimists. They may be very doubtful about human nature and may assume that they are either too lazy or unimaginative or agree to settle for less. Architects may be called book works due to their knowledge and mental acuity. They are determined with no or little patience for idle gossip or distractions. INTJ personality types individuals want to be successful and not just inventive, the reason they believe that new ideas aren’t worth unless it is worked on.