INFJ Personality: Strength, Weakness, Characteristics

An advocate is someone with introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging traits. They are known as the rarest personality type. They have a unique combination of pragmatic sensibilities and humanitarian vision. They have the ability to read people and always hope to devote their lives to a meaningful cause. These people approach life with deep thoughtfulness.

Strengths Of INFJ:

Creative and imaginative:

Advocate personality types wish to find perfect solutions for the people they care and to do it they use their strong sense of compassion and imagination. This can make INFJ a good advisor and counselor.


INFJ personality types are insightful who get to the heart of things. They observe everything carefully and try to read people. This gives them the ability to understand people’s true feelings, motivations, and even their needs.

Principled and ethical:

Advocates have deeply held beliefs and their conviction shines through their words about subjects that matter to them. People with advocate personality types can be compelling and inspiring communicators with their idealism. They lead by their morals and can’t stand wrong. They strive to do the right and help others to do the same.


INFJ types rarely settle for good enough, and strive with passion and the passion for their chosen cause is a key aspect of their personality. They are very passionate about what they do and make sure it creates an impact.


INFJ personality types aim to use their strength for a bigger and greater cause. Success at other people's expense rarely excites the INFJ type. They think about how their actions are going to affect others and based on that they act. They are known for their selfless acts and being an altruist, their main goal is to help the people around them and make this world a better place to live.

Weakness Of INFJ:

Hesitant to open up:

Advocates are known as being reserved and private. They may find it very hard to open up and may hardly share about their problems or struggles. And this is because they don't want to burden others with their problems and think that they need to solve their issues by themselves. Since advocates are reluctant to opening up and asking for help, they may hold themselves back and may create distance with their close ones till they deal with it or solve it.


Advocates are defined by idealism and this is a wonderful quality but an ideal situation is not always possible. If things don't fit in their definition of perfection or idealism, they may find it difficult to appreciate their living situations, career, or relationships and may even look around to change or strive for something better than it.

Unwilling to settle for less or ordinary:

People with this type of personality tend to behave with a bigger and greater purpose and are motivated by a sense of it. When it comes to ordinary or the need to break their big vision into smaller ones, they might consider it irrelevant or tiresome. If they fail to turn their dreams into the daily routine or to-do lists, they may feel frustrated and restless.

Susceptible to burnout:

The need for perfection and being reserved and unwilling to open up may make the situation worse for an INFJ. They may exhaust themselves if they don't succeed in finding a way to balance their drive to help others with everything they can and their own needs.

Sensitive to criticism and conflict:

They held their principles and values very high so when someone challenges it, they may react to it strongly. INFJ personality types can become defensive when it comes to conflict or criticism.

Characteristics of INFJ:

Advocates are known for their compassion, imagination, integrity, and deeply held beliefs. They are soft-spoken and prefer to keep the peace rather than challenging others. However, when it comes to standing for their ideals they can speak with great passion and convictions, then they don’t even hesitate to challenge anyone who comes in the way of their goals. Advocates use their strength to uplift others and spread compassion. They aim to fix society’s bigger problems and cannot stand injustice. The unique combination of traits makes INFJ complex and versatile.

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