How To Stop Being Envious Of Others Growth And Happiness?

Do you feel jealous seeing the growth and happiness of others?

Did you ever ask this question to yourself as to why do you feel envious or not happy seeing other people climb the ladder of success?

Humans have become so competitive that everyone wants to be better than the other. The craving for appreciation, the craving for admiration has compelled one to run faster so that they win the race, being unknown where the finish line lies, they are all running, competing. When they see someone excelling in their fields, especially their close circle ones, or in the workplace, it makes them more envious. Some feelings come up suddenly without even you wanting them.

It is said that one feels envious when they have low self-esteem or when they think they are less or they are getting less. It can be even due to some unmet childhood needs.

Why do you feel you are less or they are superior to you? What is the cause of your jealousy?

All their happiness or growth, their blessings were not taken away from yours. You have your own portion of happiness, your own portion of blessings. You will even climb the ladder of success if your efforts meet your dedication. And if you want to be happy, you can be happy right now. You don’t have to wait for anything to be happy. So why and for what to be envious about?

You are not less than anyone. No one is less than the others. Try to see your own worth and you will realize you can do wonders. Compete with your younger self, try to be better than who you were yesterday, and you will soon become the best version of yourself. When you see your own worth and growth, there won’t be any space for envy.

Learn to rejoice in the joy of others and if you can do this, you won’t lack happiness ever.

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