How To Find Peace Within You?

In this chaos, everyone is searching for peace. At least once in your life, you may have uttered about wanting peace, trying to find peace. But what is peace? Peace is a feeling of calmness with no disturbance and finding peace within is when you don’t allow any external forces to control you and your peace. With the fast pace and changes, you have forgotten to feel the peace within or to even realize it. Looking for peace outside or depending on others is a waste of energy, time, and an invitation to disappointment. Peace can be found within you, in your actions, in your words, and is a feeling that you have to feel.

Here are some ways which may help you to see life from a different perspective and will help you to feel peace.

Live in the moment:

If you hold onto your past and become reluctant to live in the future you are losing every moment from present to future. Let go of what has happened, be patient for the future, and feel the present. Accept the present and live in the moment. There is no point in rushing rather in living.

Feel your breath:

Even when you are reading this, stop for a while and focus on your breath, how peaceful it is? You don’t find peace because you are busy trying to match the beat and forgetting to feel your own heartbeat. The moment you focus on your breath even while you are doing something, you will realize how peaceful everything is. Take a deep breath, you are alive and this is peaceful.

Practice kindness:

An unkind person is fighting a war with himself/oneself. And there is no peace in war. The moment you start practicing kindness, your action will bring peace. You will realize your action and its consequences have peace and there is no greater peace than finding peace in your own actions. Practice kindness to feel the peace within.

Practice appreciation:

An ungrateful person will complain about what is missing and when we start focusing on what we don’t have, we don’t understand the value of things around us. If you start valuing every little thing that you are surrounded with, you will realize your peace. Feel everything around you, look outside your window, look at your table, look at the kid playing around or Look at the street, the rain pouring down. Look at the people around you and feel their presence. Shouldn’t you appreciate them for being in your lives? Appreciate what you have, be it in connection or relations.

These ways are just to make you realize that you have peace, you just need to realize it.