How Can We Let Go of the past?

Memories have a lot to tell, and we always want to hear the past, or at times despite not wanting, it plays behind the back of our minds. Some painful experiences and we are stuck to that very experience, time changes, place changes, situation changes but we don’t move past what happened back then.

Some traumas, some painful experiences that still dominate your mood, that still control you and your mind. Why is it so difficult to let go of the past or the experiences that cause you so much pain and suffering?

Is it the attachment of emotions to those memories that makes things so difficult? Or the fear of change?

The longer you hold, the more it will hurt yet we choose to live in the past. It hurt back then, ruined your days, and still today it is doing the same. Friends and family suggest and say, “let it go.” If it was as easy to follow it as it is easy to say, people would not have been roaming around with heavy hearts, burdens on their shoulders. Some people walk around trying to find those who won’t just advise to let it go but will tell them how to let it go? Because it is tiring and painful to carry the past.

Firstly, don’t fear change. Some people hold onto the past because they fear the unknown. They prefer certainty, something they know, the same pain, the same suffering but they are scared to embrace change, accept the unknown. So, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of the fear of change.

Is it an attachment that is holding you? If yes, give it a second thought.

Be it your failed relationship or friends who betrayed you, the anger, the resentment, is it worth the pain? It will get heavier with time if you don’t free yourself now from it.

Forgive them if they are the reason, you are unable to move. Forgive yourself for causing so much pain by holding your past to date and the moment you forgive is the moment you feel relieved.

When we can’t change what has happened in the past, why are we still living in the past despite having an option of the present? It is time for you to remove that burden from your shoulder, that heaviness from your chest because it is time for you to live in the present.

Change your focus, spend time and energy on your self-growth. Practice love and compassion, give as much love you can to the people who are in need, and it includes yourself too.

A person who can live in the moment has stored more happiness than anyone else could. Because being alive is a beautiful gift and living every moment is the real joy of life. Breathe where you are, feel that breath and you will realize that there is nothing above and beyond that. The joy of life is to live it and it means every single moment.

Let go of the past by saying that you deserve a peaceful and happy life and that the past experiences can’t ruin your beautiful present and future. The beauty of life awaits you, live peacefully by letting go of the past.

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