Health Benefits Of Rice

The importance of rice can be stated by how a large number of the world population is dependent on it for calories. For many people to eat means to eat rice. It is an important dietary carbohydrate in the world and most people received approximately 50 percent of their calories from rice. Over half the world population depends on rice and it is the main component of many cuisines in the world as well. You may know that rice has many health benefits but you don't know what are those benefits. So here are some amazing health benefits of rice.

There are varieties of rice but they are categorized by their shape either long or short grain and color which is either brown or white. Brown rice is more nutritious compared to white rice, as the fiber-rich outer bran of the grain is removed from white rice along with the nutrient-rich germ. This white rice has less fiber and proteins equivalent to brown rice.

To receive maximum benefits choose brown rice as it has health benefits like:

Brown rice may help in diabetes control:

White rice has a glycemic index of 64 whereas brown rice has a glycemic index of 55. So brown rice can help people with diabetes control their blood sugar. Many studies have found a high intake of white rice is related to a high risk of diabetes.

Good for heart health:

Brown rice is a whole grain and whole grains contain more fiber than processed foods. Fiber-rich foods help to lower cholesterol and this helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Fiber-rich foods make you feel full which may even help in weight management. Brown rice is a good source of minerals and vitamins too that helps the blood transport oxygen and perform other vital functions.

Improve digestive health:

The presence of insoluble fiber in brown rice promotes regular bowel movements. It can prevent hemorrhoids and improve bowel control. Brown rice is even a good choice for those suffering from celiac disease as it is gluten-free.

May help in reducing the risk of cancer:

Brown rice has three distinct types of phenolics which are antioxidants. These antioxidants help to reduce the risk of cancer by keeping free radicals from damaging cells. Phenolics are present in the bran layer of rice and in the germ, the reproductive part of a grain. In white rice, the bran is removed along with the germ where many of the phenolics are lost in the process.

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