Health Benefits Of Lemon

Lemons are loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C. It is a good source of many nutrients and has a tart, sour taste. Lemons not only add flavor to your food but even has many health benefits. Here are some health benefits of lemons.

Good for heart health:

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and research shows that consuming fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C reduces the risk of heart stroke and diseases. Even the presence of fiber and plant compounds present in lemons could significantly lower some risk factors for heart disease. Plant compounds namely hesperidin and diosmin found in lemons have been found to lower cholesterol.

Good for gut health:

Lemons have soluble fiber and simple sugar, the main fiber found in lemon is pectin, a form of soluble fiber linked to multiple health benefits. Soluble fiber can improve gut health and even slow the digestion of starches and sugars.

Good For Weight Loss:

Lemons are known as a weight-loss food. They are good for weight loss. They are low in calories and thus, the best diet for reducing weight. Taking hot water with lemon juice can help in weight loss.

Boost Your Immune System:

Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that helps to reduce free radical damage to your DNA. It is a nutrient that helps to boost your immune system and encourages your immune system to produce WBC which helps in fighting infections.

Good For Skin:

Lemons are rich in vitamins and minerals. It is high in vitamin C which helps to keep your skin smooth. Since it helps to form collagen, it is very beneficial for the skin.

These are some of the health benefits of lemon.

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