Get Rid Of Gym Anxiety And Hit The Gym

Do you feel a need to join the gym but you feel stressed, worried, and anxious thinking about joining the gym?

If yes, you may have gym anxiety. Or people who have social anxiety or are mildly intimated by the gym may even find it hard to join the gym.

Simply feeling a bit anxious before going to the gym may not denote that you have an anxiety disorder but will ask you to talk to a psychologist if this interferes with your daily activities and you are unable to go to the gym or work out.

Symptoms of gym anxiety may seem similar to social anxiety but they slightly differ. Symptoms may vary as per individuals. But here are some common symptoms of gym anxiety.

● Avoidance or excuse-making

● Overbearing worry about going to the gym

● Panic, nervousness, or restlessness before going to the gym

● Pain, cramping, nausea, or other gastrointestinal issues

● Rapid breathing and sweating

● Self-consciousness and self-doubt

Here are some tips to overcome gym anxiety

Start your gym journey slowly:

You don't have to go all-in just your first visit to the gym, your first goal should be to start it and it can be slow too. The first step is to pick a small goal that you are comfortable with and then spend 10 to 15 minutes either stretching your body or on a cardio machine. Then slowly and steadily build your way up from that small start.

Get your research done and get acquainted:

Some root cause of anxiety is the fear of the unknown, so if you can collect as much information as you can, be prepared, this will make you feel more confident. You can start it by researching the facility available, class offerings, and its amenities, then visit the gym and familiarize yourself with the staff and the building and people.

Gradual exposure or exposure therapy:

It can be difficult at first but in order to get rid of gym anxiety, you can try exposure therapy as well where you will get exposed to the gym slowly and gradually, and that way you will be able to enter the gym and work out without any difficulty.

You can take your friends if needed or you can plan your workout properly.

These are some ways to cope with gym anxiety, consult a psychologist or a therapist if needed.


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