Fear Of Falling In Love - Philophobia

Philophobia is the extreme and unreasonable fear of falling in love. And this phobia can interfere with your life due to its intensity. It may result in affecting your ability to maintain a relationship with your partner or may stop you from getting into a relationship or be in love.

Symptoms vary depending on individual differences and experiences. However, here are some common symptoms.

Common Symptoms include difficulty in breathing, sweating, avoidance, difficulty functioning, feeling of intense fear or panic, nausea. , ETC.

Some symptoms of Philophobia can be a lack of intimate relationships, fear of relationships, or even if you are in a relationship, you always feel anxious.

When in a relationship situation or just thinking about a relationship makes you feel anxious, you may end up having shallow breathing or rapid heart rate. Anxiety or panic attacks may even be accompanied by chest pain.

What can lead to Philophobia?

It can be caused by past experiences, fear of rejection, or cultural experiences. A traumatic past experience may lead to the fear of falling in love, it can be a failed relationship or a betrayal. The fear of getting hurt or experiencing the same feeling may cause philophobia. Even the fear of getting rejected may lead to the fear of falling in love. Cultural experiences can also be one of the reasons.

The main treatment for Philophobia is therapy or counseling. To seek any help or guidance contact our psychologist at www.steffiprasad.com and get healed from this fear.

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