Exercise To Gain Weight

You must have heard and read a lot about losing weight but less about gaining weight. There are people who are looking for weight gain. To gain weight the basic thing is to consume more calories than you burn but that cannot be easy always, as you may lose appetite at times or have some timing issue, a lot of things can surround why you are not being able to gain weight. And by weight, you mean muscles and toned stomach and not belly fats. And here is where exercise plays an important role. A combination of a good diet and proper exercise can help you get desirable results. Here are some of the effective exercises that you can try to gain weight.

Push up:

Push-up is one of the most effective efficient and necessary exercises for weight gain. It doesn’t matter where you are doing it, but by doing it in the right way it can help you. There are a number of variants of push up. Here is a traditional way of doing push up.

Kneel down on the floor and bring your feet together. Bend forward and position yourself in a high plank. Place your palm on the floor and keep your shoulders wide apart. Your back should be straight and your feet together. Lower your body slowly towards the floor, return to your position and continue. Be careful not to strain your neck.

It will not only help to gain muscles but even tone your stomach if you do it correctly.


Squats are very important for toning up your buts and thighs. The best way to do squats is, stand in the proper position, depending on your comfort, so that you can smoothly carry on with the squat, Stand with your feet and shoulder a bit apart. Create stability in the ground, keep your chest up, this may prevent your upper back and shoulder from rounding. If you are ready, start the movement by bending your knees and pushing your hips back. While doing it engage your abdominals and shift your weight onto your heels as you start to push your hips back. Start lowering your hips until your thigh is almost parallel to the floor. You should feel the pressure in your glutes and thighs. Pause your position with your knees but not beyond your toes. Exhale and return back up to the starting position. It is all about quality which means proper squats that can help you yield better results.


Lunges are great for targeting your lower body part and challenging the deeper muscles that help your body balance. To do lunges stand straight and keep your shoulders relaxed and chin up. Put one leg forward and lower your hips till both your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Make sure your knee is in line with your ankles and the other knee is not touching the ground. Put your body weight on the heels and now stand up the feet and repeat.

Overhead press:

The overhead press is very beneficial to get muscle mass in the back. It is important to get muscles in the back as it is a huge muscle group in the body. You can do that exercise with your body weight but if you can get dumbbells it is better. While doing this exercise stand straight, keep your chest lifted and your core tight. Hold the dumbbells and lift them up till the time it is over your head, do it in full range motion and bring it back to the position. Repeat it.

These are some of the exercises that you can try to gain weight and muscle mass. To know more about fitness, contact a fitness coach.


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