ESTP Personality: Strength, Weakness, Characteristics

An entrepreneur is someone with extraverted, observant, thinking, and prospecting traits. They are free spirits who always look for the next adventure. These people are always on the move who never misses a chance to have fun and are always exciting to be around. They are energetic and action-oriented who love socializing.

Strength Of ESTP:

Brave and bold:

Entrepreneurs aren't scared to push boundaries and discover and use new ideas and things. They find joy in taking bold steps. They are full of life and energy.

Logical and rational:

Entrepreneur’s love finding ideas that are actionable and even drilling so they can put them together to use. They are not fascinated by abstract ideas or arbitrary discussion. They are rational people who focus on logic and practical things.


Entrepreneurs are natural group leaders. They have a talent for making excellent use of networking opportunities and social interactions.


They have the ability to notice even the slightest change. Be it small shifts in habits or appearance they can be noticed by Entrepreneurs. And they use this observation skill to help to build a connection with others which helps them to have a big social circle.


ESTP types are bold and practical and with this combination, they love to experiment with new ideas and solutions. This helps them to add up things like no one can think of.


Entrepreneurs like to make direct communication that is clear with factual questions and answers. They are like things are what they are and believe in speaking it straight and direct.

Weakness Of ESTP:


They are rational beings who prioritize facts and reality. For Entrepreneurs, emotionally charged situations are awkward and uncomfortable affairs and their blunt honesty doesn't help here. People with these personality types often have a lot of trouble expressing and acknowledging their own feelings too.


In order to have fun and seize the moment, ESTP types often ignore rules and social expectations in the process, and this can lead to unexpected negative consequences.

May fail to see the bigger picture:

Entrepreneurs are too much focused on now and here and this attitude of living in the moment can make them miss the bigger picture.


Entrepreneurs are action-oriented people who don't like to be boxed in by strict rules, repetition, or being quiet when lectured on is not what ESTP types prefer. It is hard for Entrepreneurs to tolerate tedious things, and this makes it a big challenge for these personality types to stay focused for long in schools or formal situations.

Prone to risky behavior:

Since they are always looking for adventures, it can push them to take some risky steps without thinking of the long-term consequences. They sometimes try to deal with boredom with some risky behavior.

Lacks patience:

Entrepreneurs can't stay focused on a single detail for too long. Slowing down their pace for someone else because they don’t get it, is not what Entrepreneurs prefer to do and it can be very challenging for them. They move at their own pace as it is what excites them.

Characteristics Of ESTP:

Entrepreneurs live in the moment and dive deep into the action. They are the likeliest personality type to make a lifestyle of risky behavior. ESTP types enjoy drama, passion, and pleasure and all because it is stimulating to their logical minds. Entrepreneurs have the unique skill of noticing even a small change be it a facial expression or a new clothing style. They are quick to notice it and call out the change and ask questions with little or no regard for sensitivity. Entrepreneurs love to keep their conversation energetic with some dose of intelligence, abstract concepts; and discussions on global issues hardly interest ESTP types. They enjoy going out and doing things or spending time with a wide circle of friends. They focus on the moment rather than thinking of the future. Entrepreneurs can be caught in the moment of hurting sensitive people or ignore their feelings if not careful. They can even forget to take care of their own safety and health. They are there to keep things spicy and competitive. ESTP types are full of energy and passion who are rational and are known as natural group leaders.