Common Types Of Phobia

In simple terms phobia means fear. It is a type of anxiety disorder that is defined by persistent and excessive fear of any situation, activity, thing, or object. A rapid fear that is present for more than 6 months.

The Most Common Types of Phobias are

  • Acrophobia is an extreme fear of heights.

  • Agoraphobia is a fear of open places or a fear of leaving the house.

  • Aerophobia is a fear of flying.

  • Aquaphobia is a fear of water.

  • Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders.

  • Cynophobia is an extreme fear of dogs.

  • Claustrophobia is a fear of enclosed spaces.

  • Hypochondria is an extreme fear of becoming ill.

  • Medical phobia or Trynapanophobia is an extreme fear of doctors, injections, hospitals, and/or medical procedures.

  • Mysophobia is a fear of germs.

  • Necrophobia or thanatophobia is an extreme fear of death.

  • Ophidiophobia is a fear of snakes.

Treatment of phobias includes exposure therapy or counseling. To take any help or advice contact a psychologist or therapist.

Recommending Psychologists and Therapists are:

1. Life Coach Steffi Prasad - Psychologist & Therapists - Utopia Life Coach in Siliguri, West Bengal, India.

2. Khusboo Tomar - Psychologist: Centre for Forensic & Clinical Psychology