Benefits Of Lunges

Lunges are strength training exercises that can be used to strengthen your lower body that includes hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quadriceps. Lunges are also functional movements that improve mobility and stability. It enhances athletic performance and improves overall fitness. Lunges can be referred to a position where one leg is forward with the knee bent and foot flat on the ground and the other leg behind.

To do lunges properly it is important to practice them. If you don't perform the exercise properly it can put too much pressure on your joints which may result in injuries.

Here is a way to do proper lunges that can save you from injuries.

Stand straight and keep your shoulders relaxed with your chin up. Put one leg forward and lower your hips till both your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Make sure your one knee is in line with your ankles and the other knee is not touching the ground. Put your body weight on the heels and now switch the feet and repeat.

Here are some benefits of lunges:

Different ways to perform lunges:

One of the benefits of lunges is that it is versatile. It can be done in a number of ways that target different muscles and have a number of benefits. It is a great exercise for beginners too as you can try some variations of it and later add some more variations for overall growth.

Helps to balance and forms stability:

They are an excellent exercise to build balance and stability since it is a unilateral exercise which means it is done with the help of a single leg at a time. This exercise helps to build balance and stability in the process.

Can perform it anywhere:

Unlike organized sports and exercise, you don’t require a certain place or time to perform it. It can be done anywhere at any time. As you can perform lunges anywhere at any time. You can do lunges at home and if that is not possible, you can do it in your workplace during breaks.

Increases everyday functioning and stability:

It is a better way to train yourself for everyday motions. Lunges train your legs to be stronger and helps you to walk or go up the stairs easily. As we spend a majority of our time sitting on our chairs or beds, it can make our hips tight and inflexible that may end up limiting our range of motion, and may even cause severe hip problems as we get older. Performing lunges on daily basis can be a great way to work out your hip flexors and keep them in motion.

Good for your spine:

Lunges help to give an occasional break and a chance to relax the spine. Other exercises like squats and weightlifting may cause load in the spine and it is lunges that help in deloading and creating a more flexible and pain-free spine. Lunges are also a great choice for people who suffer from serious back pain.

These are some of the benefits of lunges. To know more about fitness contact a fitness trainer.


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