Be Mindful Of Your Words

Is Today’s Generation Becoming Less Expressive And Stressing More?

People who hesitate to express themselves, hardly open up for the fear of judgment and criticism. They have felt so many emotions, they may feel so grateful but they hardly express it, they suppress their emotions as they find it easier than expressing them. But why is it so hard to express emotions? Is it all the fear responsible for it or we are forgetting it?

Today’s generation expresses less and stresses more. They hardly use positive words and thus as the words are disappearing from their lives so do their meanings.

Why is it becoming hard to use the affirmation, to believe in yourself, and very easy to believe in what others have to say?

Affirmation works as a prayer. What you feed in your mind is what you become. And people find it easier to use negative words more than positive words.

You will hardly hear people saying “I am joyous today or I am feeling very happy.”

People have started using these words less, it seems like positive, happy words, and their synonyms are vanishing from their lives, and as they are vanishing from their lives so are their meanings.

Usually, you will see people using words as it's a boring day, it's a tiring day, life is messed up nothing is good, I don’t look good, I am not good enough, I don’t deserve this, it is my life that is worst, it is my life that has problems, my work-life is terrible, my college life is awful. Nothing is going well, nothing will, everything sucks. The more a person uses a negative word, the more he/she feeds such words into his mind the more things will work in this manner. What you feed in your mind is what you become. What you utter from your mouth is what reaches your mind. So when you utter affirmations, when you feed good thoughts, when you use positive words you feel positive vibes, and you find everything optimistic and beautiful. You find everything good happening in your life because you have hope, you believe in yourself, and you believe in your ability to make decisions.

In order to live life happily, live life peacefully, focus on the words you use, you utter. Words are the action when processed.

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