7 Signs Of A Narcissist

A narcissistic personality disorder is a disorder that involves a pattern of self-centeredness, arrogant thinking, and behaviour. A narcissist is the one who is self-obsessed, self-absorbed, and self-involved that makes the person ignore the needs of people around them. They lack empathy and consideration for other people. They have an excessive need for admiration. Utopia Life Coach explains the 7 signs of a narcissist. To know the types of narcissism click here.

Lacks Empathy:

All narcissists lack empathy and it is a common trait or one can say a hallmark of a narcissist. A person who only thinks about themselves at the cost of others is a narcissist. Neither do they consider others feeling nor do they empathize with others’ needs or wants. They don’t even mind hurting or harming others for their own gains. This is one of the reasons they are irresponsible.

Manipulative And Controlling:

A narcissist can please you or impress you but will eventually do it for their own personal gains. They will try to manipulate or exploit you in every possible way for their benefit. They want to control everything and love controlling everything around them. They believe that they can make things perfect by controlling them.


They are people who may emotionally abuse a person. They fear abandonment, hence they may try to manipulate a person emotionally to be with them or control them emotionally. In many cases, after hurting someone they may not feel accountable for their actions and pretend to be unknown or unaware of the situation.


They are the ones who see themselves as superior to others and tend to become abusive or rude especially when things don't turn the way they want to be or when they don't receive the treatment they think they deserve. Their expectations are always high when it comes to being treated by others. They look down on people and may act rudely towards those who they see as inferior.

Constant Need for Admiration Or Attention:

All that a narcissist want is constant validation, admiration, and attention from others. All their acts or works are focused to receive only praise. They will exaggerate or will brag about their reputations or accomplishment to others. To boost their ego they like to feel appreciated.


Grandiosity defines narcissism or is known as its characteristics. Grandiosity is known as an unrealistic sense of superiority. Thoughts, like they are special, unique, or too good for anything ordinary or average, are what strikes the mind of a narcissist.

Unapologetic For Actions And Dysaudicant:

They hardly regret about anything and even if they do so, they won’t be sorry for that wholeheartedly. They have this feeling that they are always right, superior. They believe in a monologue like they won’t stop to listen to you, And people have to listen only to them. They hardly listen to anyone and this is one of the traits of a narcissist.

These are some of the common signs or traits that you will find in a narcissist. To know more about it or to seek help contact us at www.steffiprasad.com