5 Powerful Exercise For Strong Arm Muscles That You Can Do Anywhere

A strong and healthy body will not only satisfy you but will also boost your confidence. You may admire the strong arm muscles of your friends or celebrities. It is possible even for you to get such muscles. All you need is some tight exercise with some tips. For exercise, you have to work and for tips, we are here. And since we understand you so here we go with a blog for strong-arm muscles exercise. This exercise can be done anywhere and by it, we mean anywhere. If you are feeling like your arm muscles need some extra exercise to grow better you can give it by doing this powerful exercise. Here are the 7 powerful exercises for strong arm muscles.

Diamond push-ups:

It is going to work your triceps further. While bringing your hands in, you will emphasize the clavicular head of your pectoralis. This push-up will also emphasize the outer head. And this variation will help you to feel more in your triceps.

The movement for this exercise is the same as basic push up, it is just that with this push-up variation you bring your hands on the floor in a diamond shape. With that diamond shape, you lower yourself to the ground till your chest touch the floor and then raise yourself back.

Plank Tricep Extension:

This is going to engage your core and emphasize the long head of the triceps. This exercise will add width and size to your arms. This strength is a factor that will help you to do the exercise smoothly.

Before starting the exercise set a timer. Press your toes into the floor and extend your legs behind you. Your elbows should be pointed out at a roughly 45-degree angle. And both elbows and forearms should meet the ground simultaneously. And if needed try extending the exercise

Lateral Push Up:

It is going to make your shoulders do a ton of work. You have to remove one of your arms from the motion while you are performing. This push-up will force a deeper more intense burn in your triceps.

To do this exercise push your hands out as far as you can reach on both sides of your body. After this, bend one elbow to push your body over toward your elbow, while your other arm should be straight. Then you can go for the other side, with every repetition it will contract your triceps.

Push Up:

The first and basic exercise for arm muscles. It will help to strengthen the front part of your shoulder and even your chest and tricep which include the back part of your arm.

It is known as the king of bodyweight arm exercise because of the fact that this exercise you work your pull muscles and you work all the three heads of your tricep evenly.

You can go for a variation of push up to keep up the intensity instead of doing a traditional push-up. Like, with your hand place slightly outside the width of your shoulder, you can lower your body and squeeze your elbow as much as you can activate your lats and chest. You can lower your chest to the ground and then pull yourself up.


It emphasizes every component of the bicep and it even works on all parts of your biceps. If you can successfully perform it then you work both the long head and the short head of your biceps, it works for both the shape of your arm close to your elbow and your forearms.

You can do this by using anything that has heavyweight and can be grabbed easily. You can start it with your hands facing each other at thigh level. After that, elevate your hands up to your shoulders and keep repeating it.

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