5 Exercises To Build Your Chest Muscles

Building muscles take time and energy not forgetting to mention effort, lots of effort. Persistence and hard work can fulfill your desire to look fit and muscular. A smart and balanced approach can help you build muscles and not injuries that most of the wrong ways of doing exercise can lead to. As long as you are not overtraining or overdoing, training your muscles more frequently yields greater gains says research.

Here are 5 exercises that you can do to build your chest muscles.

Barbell Bench Press:

You can lie on a bench with the bar in your hands, keep your eyes in line with the bar. Then position your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, now get a strong grip over it. Lift the bar off the rack and take a deep belly breath in so that you can feel your diaphragm push your stomach down and air fills your rib cage. After that, pull the bar toward your lower ribs. While doing this make sure to keep your elbows in at your sides, then push the bar forcefully back up as you exhale. More the weight that you carry more the intensity and muscle stimulation. To prevent shoulder strain try to keep your shoulder retracted and close to your body.


Implementing a mighty dip routine in your daily exercise means you are making a progress in your chest work regimen. To start with a dip exercise stand in the center between the bars of the dip machine. Place your hands on each bar and lift yourself up with the strength of your arm leaning forward until your chest is at a slight downward angle. Now, you can lower yourself by bending your arms while maintaining the lean, before lifting yourself again. Continue it as you are not only working your pectoralis muscles but also you are also strengthening your triceps and shoulder muscles.


Lay down on the ground, set up your weight by taking the support of your toes. Align your wrist under your shoulder, make your arms straight, abs tight, and fingers widespread so that it can support your weight. Lower your body till your chest touches or is an inch from the ground then try to pull yourself back by fully extending your arms, continue it. This exercise is a proven muscle builder as it directly targets your pecs.

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press:

You can start it by sitting up on a flat bench, lie down, and hold the dumbells in your arms you can place it on your thigh before bringing it into place. Bend your elbows at 90 degrees let your hands and arms positioned slightly below and wider than your shoulders. Now, push up the dumbells straight with a forceful motion that resembles an arc. It will be over your chest now pull your shoulders blades together on the way down, continue it by maintaining control as you repeat.

Pec Deck:

To do this exercise set up the pec deck so the vertical bars are positioned close to the machine. Adjust the seat in a way that the handles are roughly chest height. Press your back firmly. While facing away from the machine, reach back with one hand and grab the pec deck handles, pull your arms toward your body while contracting your pectoral muscles. After that, bring the handles or arm pads in front of your chest, be in the same position for a couple of seconds, and then slowly release back to starting position.. It trains a different movement pattern than most pushing chest exercises like push up or bench press

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