5 Best Exercises You Can Do At Home To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

These exercises are for those who don’t want to go to the gym or who cannot find time for themselves due to their busy schedule. These exercises are less time-consuming and they will help your belly and overall body to lose fat. It will even help to condition your muscles. Utopia Life Coach has come up with the 5 best exercises to reduce belly fat at home.


A squat is known as the mother of all exercise. It is important for the overall development of your lower body. It helps you to lose a lot of calories. To do this exercise stand straight and apart and make sure it is aligned with your shoulders. Bent your knee a bit, your pelvic bone should be away, and while sitting sit parallel to the ground and don’t go too down. Sit down, come up, and repeat it. Do 3 sets of it with 10 repetitions.

Plank Walk:

This is a very good exercise for your core, oblique, arm as it will tone them well. Lay down in a parallel position with elbow and toe supporting your body, and from there, take a push-up position. Repeat it and do it very slowly.


Push-up is one of the basic exercises. It will help to strengthen and grow your overall upper body. To do this exercise lay down on the floor with your upper body parallel to the ground by taking the support of your hands and toes. slowly go down and up with your body weight resting on your palm. and your body should be parallel taking the support of your hands and toes, slowly go down and come up. Do 3 sets of it with 8 repetitions in each.

Jumping Jacks:

This exercise will help you to reduce fat as it helps to burn a lot of calories. To do this exercise raise both your arms sideways with your legs going apart while jumping. Make sure your body is not stiff while doing this exercise. Do 4 sets of it with 10 repetitions for each.

Lying Hip Raises:

This is a good exercise to strengthen your lower back and to give a good shape to your hips. To do this exercise lay down straight, bend your knee and with the help of your foot and upper back raise your hips. Hold the position for a while when it forms a bridge shape after being lifted. Just lift it up, squeeze your hips, and breathe out. Do 3 sets of it with 15 repetitions.

These are some of the effective exercises to reduce your belly fat and you can do it anywhere. For more tips contact a fitness coach.


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