4 Most Important Types Of Exercise

Exercise is one of the key elements of good health. It reduces the risk of developing several chronic diseases and even promotes a healthier state of mind. Along with making you physically strong, it is needed for a healthy body and healthy mind. There are different types of exercise that you can try. But here are the 4 most important types of exercise that you should know.

Aerobic exercise:

Aerobic exercise is known as a breathing exercise that speeds up your heart rate. It is important for many parts of the body to function. Aerobic exercise gives a workout to your heart and lungs and increases endurance. It is important as it helps to relax blood vessel walls, burn fats, lower blood pressure, boost mood, lower blood sugar, and raise good HDL cholesterol. If you do it regularly and for longer periods it has many health benefits. It can reduce the risk of many serious diseases.

Example: Marching in the same place will improve your breathing and hence keeping your heart and lungs strong.

Balance exercise:

Practicing balancing prevents falls. It is important, especially while walking on uneven surfaces and practicing other exercises like squats, leg lifts. It will make things easier for you, and having a proper balance are even important for better posture.

Example: Sanding knee lift.


If you want flexibility, stretching can be very helpful. You may miss on it when your muscles are healthier and when aging hits. Aging leads to a loss of flexibility in the muscles and tendons. With age, muscles shorten and don't function properly which increases muscle pain and cramps, joint pain, strains, and falling, it will even makes bending down difficult for you. So it is important to perform stretching exercises regularly or at least three or four times a week as it will make you more flexible and increase your range of motions, helping to reduce pain and the risk of injury.

Example: Single knee rotation that will help your muscles to be flexible.

Strength training:

Strength training helps to build back the muscles that you lose as you age. If you train regularly, it will help you to be more confident and capable of doing day-to-day tasks like carrying or lifting heavy things. The importance of strength training is that it makes you stronger, improves balance and posture, stimulates bone growth, helps in weight control, lowers blood sugar, and reduces stress and pain in your joints and lower back.

Example: Squats that will help in building strength.

These are some of the most important types of exercise, to know more contact a fitness coach.


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