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Exam Anxiety


Rate how true each of the following is of you, from extremely or always true, to not at all or never true. Use the following 5 point scale. 

extremely always true
highly usually true
moderately sometimes true
slightly seldom true
not at all never true

1. The closer I am to a major exam, the harder it is for me to concentrate on the material.

2. When I study for my exams, I worry that I will not remember the material on the exam.

3. During important exams, I think that I am doing awful or that I may fail.

4. I lose focus on important exams, and I cannot remember material that I knew before the exam.

5. I finally remember the answer to exam questions after the exam is already over.

6. I worry so much before a major exam that I am too worn out to do my best on  the exam.

7. I feel out of sorts or not really myself when I take important exams.

8. I find that my mind sometimes wanders when I am taking important exams.

9. After an exam, I worry about whether I did well enough.

10. I struggle with written assignments, or avoid doing them, because I feel that whatever I do will not be enough. I want it to be perfect.




Depression: Severe

Clinical Help Required


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