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I’m a dynamic soul born and brought up in the serene beauty of the hills of Darjeeling. A place so blissful and peaceful that self development by thinking became a part of my life. Seeking answers in solitude to daily human problems turned out to be my favourite food for my brain. Silence of the hills drew me close to nature and natural existence. Nurtured by an idealist father with high principles and altruistic ways of life that had altruism as the base of human existence made me who I am. Self made individual with liberal point of view, who believes in accepting & respecting all existence for a reason that all are special and unique in their own way


Entrepreneur- Founder of DP’s cuisine ©  is India’s first home-style –


Diabetic cuisine restaurant specialised in Original Recipe ©, diabetic


friendly dishes. It serves people with Diabetes (Type I & II), along with Bon


vivant’s/vivant es.  Also, initiated  ( a one stop health


care solution to solve the present crisis situation and health problems.



Lifestyle Coach- ( She has an extraordinary way of


looking towards life, not a single problem has proven its existence before


her as she always has an out of the box solution. Well experienced


Psychologist practitioner who has specialises in LD, GAD, Mood


Disorders for adolescents. Career counseling, Relationship expert and


practitioner of positive psychology.


Academician- Mentor/Assistant Professor of Media Science at Inspiria


Knowledge Campus with a demonstrated history of working in


'Management institutions' along with Media- Print & Television industry.


Skilled in Concept Development- Programme, Journalism, Media


Relations, and Blogging.



Preserve individual differences

My objective of life is to prove that Utopia is a reality. All needed is to make space for individual differences. Breaking the myth of a painful world is not impossible, just by replacing comparison by acceptance. Parenting, schooling & individual development can change the world. Giving time & space to each one for respectful and equal opportunity to grow.

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